Experimental results are the base for all scientific knowledge.

By the flexible structure we try to assure complete attention to customer needs and to fast, entirely-customized results.



SYNKOLA provides excellent and very fast services for life science companies in the field of synthesis of competitive products, so company is able to compare screening tests of their own products with those of competitive.

Contract Research

We offer our expertise on a short to long term basis to our customers and act as an extension of their own companies. Our synthetic chemists (PhD) are available for individual projects or as part of a permanent team working exclusively with one particular customer.

Building Blocks

Our chemists are able to synthesize any organic compounds and synthons. We specialize in developing and marketing fine organic compounds, building blocks and intermediates for pharmaceutical industry or for any life science company.

Lead Finding

We have technology available to run the majority of classical and modern reactions recognized in the literature today. Our team of PhD organic chemists is looking for new original compounds together with application team of our customers.

Lead Optimization

We can help you from initial idea to candidate product. This means that you can come to us with your ideas and we can help you to select targets according to chemical possibilities and structure optimization. Our chemists can design and synthesize series of analogues to your lead compounds.

SYNKOLA, Ltd. was founded on the 1st January 1991 in Bratislava by three partners. They have long time and international experience in the area of organic substance synthesis and especially in the area of biologically active substances and chemical specialties. SYNKOLA chemists are authors of hundreds of scientific publications and patents, many of them have been realized in technical praxis. Nowadays, SYNKOLA team consists of 16 top chemists with PhD qualification, who have graduated post-doctoral and other fellowships at prominent foreign universities and institutes, especially in Switzerland (ETH Zürich), in the USA, France, Canada, Sweden, Germany , United Kingdom etc.


SYNKOLA uses the latest technologies and equipment in order to get the best results which warranty a high-quality product and consequently the satisfaction of our customers.


The alkaloid was isolated in 1992 from the gliding bacterium Polyangium species. This natural product with a linear assembly of three thiazoline rings followed by an oxazole ring shows pesticidal activity and was also tested as a therapeutic agent for viral diseases. The ambitious goal of this project was to develop a total synthesis for thiangazole and in addition to try to simplify its structure and keeping or improving its biological activity. For this extensive SAR work the help of 3 scientists of SYNKOLA was requested. The work of this fascinating chemistry resulted in several publications.



Oseltamivir, sold under the brand name Tamiflu, is an antiviral medication used to treat and prevent influenza A and influenza B. The effective and straightforward 3 step synthesis for oseltamivir was found and patented by SYNKOLA (EP 2385034, SK 288218). Current production process has in comparison 12 steps. SYNKOLA with its original synthetic strategy succeeded also in the preparation of 3 novel isomers of oseltamivir.


Ticagrelor is an antagonist of the P2Y12 receptor. This example demonstrates how SYNKOLA could help you to have easy access to competitors compounds. Very often customers do not have internal chemical know how of such competitors compounds. This was also the case for ticagrelor, a drug with 6 chiral centers. SYNKOLA had therefore to collect chemical information form various patent applications for no other chemical publications with experimental details were available at that time.



Because more than 30 years experience in organic custom synthesis, experienced PhD chemists, direct contact to experimentalist and small overhead costs.

Experienced and motivated chemists. Favorable FTE and FFS rates within Europe. Open and honest communication. Close to your own research centers. Very reliable considering time lines set and achievements in chemistry. Direct contact with chemist in charge.

English is the official communication language used in SYNKOLA with their customers, so as all electronic lab note books and reports are written in English.

SYNKOLA chemists are experienced and skilled to prepare own synthetic plans and then realized them in synthesis of complicated and novel structures. We have access to literature and searching databases and also all necessary modern equipment to perform standard chemical as well as complex and chiral reactions. The confidentiality agreement with SYNKOLA partner is always self-evident.

At this moment ten countries: Switzerland, Austria, Germany, United States of America, United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Czech Republic and Romania.

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